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Woven Forest

These works are designed for you to piece together on your own and are suitable for the home or hostels, small common spaces/meeting rooms or courtyards of company buildings to add a touch of quality and style.

The Elf’s Waltz

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, bark cloth, plant dye, lighting

The spreading design of Sanku weaving symbols the sound of elves in nature. Wearing colorful clothing made from plant bark and glimmering with light, the elves seem to waltz in circular motions, presented as embodiments of wisdom and the warmth of the mysterious power of nature.

Traveling Time (Work Series)

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, bark cloth, plant dye, lighting, driftwood

Inspired by the Sanku fish trap, this work is cut open from the middle and resembles a boat with simple and curving lines, suggesting a song for the wandering. Attached to the illuminated bamboo is a thin gauze made with paper mulberry bark cloth, popular among the Amis people, depicting the colors of the valley plants and trees. The work seems to be intertwined with mountain winds, embodying the concept of traveling time with the natural curves of seaside driftwood.

The Energy of Rotation

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, lighting

Returning to the starting point, this work is inspired by the intention of returning to the authenticity of nature, enabling the natural rotating power through the structure of design.

The rotating is due to the natural elasticity of the Bambusa Utilis, creating a curve and energy of movement, in addition to presenting the light from above and the embrace towards the land.

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