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Organism Series

This series is designed for you to piece together on your own and is suitable for large public spaces, creating atmospheric themes, or displayed as public art.

Breathings of Slumber

  • Material / Thorny Bamboos, Margaret Rotang Palm, blue dye, cloth, lighting

The leisure seating is separate but also allows interaction, just like the two forces of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi, continuously ebbing and flowing. This work creates a space for resting and intimate conversation. Visitors can either sit or lean, enveloped in the blue patterns, the touch of woven textiles, and the rhythms of bamboo structure and seashell decorations. The arrangement and design subtly create tides of memories of the sea, allowing people to unleash their burdens of defense within the relaxing space and to further explore the life within, bonding with the self and with others.

The Passing Wind: The Movement of Sanku

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, lighting, stones

With the Sanku bamboo weave as the main structure, this artwork is presented as a breathing organism that seems to have a life of its own. Using the natural quality of bamboo, which is tough and tender at the same time, this work allows the power of nature to manifest itself, presenting a sense of strength that is as gentle and sturdy as the wind. This work transforms the plain and simple form of the Sanku along with the ancient craft wisdom of fish hunting into a powerful design that creates a dialogue with the local land and environment.

The House of the Wandering

  • Material / Thorny bamboo, Margaret Rotang Palm, plant dye, bark cloth, handmade paper, wax, lighting

The imagery of light is like an inner elf that guides wandering souls back to their selves. Apart from the illumination from within, the design also enlarges the bamboo weaving into an object that allows people to enter, as if providing protection, merging into one with the local landscape. Inspired by imageries of the cold natural environment in northern countries such as Canada, this bamboo fish trap resembles Indian Tipis in a wasteland, warming hearts and providing a sense of belonging.

Where the Moonlight Overflows

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, plant dye, handmade paper, bamboo tip, lighting

Using the Kavalan tribe bamboo weaving techniques on the east coast of Taiwan, this work uses mixed materials that combine bark cloth and plant dye and is shaped like a spaceship. The curves of the bamboo pieces and weaves correspond with the bark and handmade paper, floating and moving in harmony with the ancient inner tempo of the land and nature, proceeding towards the moon together.

The Elf’s Waltz

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, bark cloth, plant dye, lighting

The spreading design of Sanku weaving symbols the sound of elves in nature. Wearing colorful clothing made from plant bark and glimmering with light, the elves seem to waltz in circular motions, presented as embodiments of wisdom and the warmth of the mysterious power of nature.

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