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Handmade Lighting Crafts

Lightweight lightings that are suitable for the study or bedroom: desk lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps

Shimmering Flower Tree Series

  • Material / Paper mulberry bark, natural paint, plant dye, woodcraft, lighting

Made with an integrated design with plant bark using the hammering technique, this work is a manifestation of delicacy and tenderness, expressing the flow and coexistence between nature and human civilization. By returning to authenticity, the heart prospers into a flourishing bloom.

Flower Pattern Capsule

  • Material / Paper mulberry bark cloth, plant dye, lighting

By layering pieces of bark that have been processed with plant dye, the quality of bark is extended with the fiber, forming a shell-shaped container that gathers energy, suspended in space and nourishing the surroundings.

Small Sanku Multifunction Bamboo Lamp

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, specially-developed lighting

The small Sanku bamboo lamp with an integrated design is inspired by the fish trap craftmanship from Kavalan culture. The bamboo weaving extends outwards while the light that flows from within guides hearts and thoughts with its simple materials and elegant design. The work is a representation of the soulful aesthetic of modern living spaces. The mobile and lightweight design make the work suitable to be used either as a desk lamp, ceiling lamp, or floor lamp.

Shuttle Light

  • Material / Bamboo, Margaret Rotang Palm, metal pieces, lighting

Using an entire shoot of bamboo chopped into even pieces, added with Margaret Rotang Palm hoops, metal, and lighting, this work combines different materials with light, creating a simple design that emits a warm light, transforming the bamboo into a shuttle that creates fashionable, atmospheric lighting effects. Using materials and elegant craftsmanship, the work is a representation of the soulful aesthetic of modern living spaces. The lighting effects of this work make it suitable be used as a desk lamp or ceiling lamp.

Where the Moonlight Overflows (Detail)

  • Material / Bambusa Utilis, Margaret Rotang Palm, plant dye, handmade paper, bamboo tip, lighting

The bamboo rattan craft is a Sanku technique invented by the Kavalan people on the eastern coast of Taiwan using compound fiber made with bark and plant dye. This work is designed in the form of a flying boat.

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