• Fiber Artist Chen Shu Yen ✗

    Tribal Bamboo Rattan Craft Artist Tuwak·Tuyaw

    Driven by her love for nature and indigenous culture, artist Chen Shu Yen traveled to the east coast, Hualien, and built an artistic career with Kavalan craft artist Tuwak·Tuyaw. Aiming to preserve the precious craftsmanship and to summon the inner dialogue with nature, the two artists work together using local materials, thus establishing PateRongan.


    Integrating ancient skills and local material involved in tribal craftsmanship, such as Sanku bamboo rattan fish trap, bark cloth, plant dye, and handmade paper, while preserving the techniques and legacy involved, PateRongan creates simple modern artworks, artistic lighting, and spatial installations with innovation.

    Located on Taiwan Provincial Highway 11, the left shore of the Pacific Ocean, PateRongan is an open and transparent space with rays of light pouring out from the Sanku fish trap lamp. The warmth and calming lighting guide people to stop in their tracks and move closer to the shore.


    Existing with perfect harmony between the mountain, sea, and sky, PateRongan allows people to see the artists’ belief of coexisting in harmony with nature. A space built by artist Chen Shu Yen and Kavalan craft artist Tuwak·Tuyaw, PateRongan hopes to continue the legacy of ancient tribal crafts and to promote the natural fiber art of Taiwan.


    No.193-1, Xinshe, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 977, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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